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My X Men 2.0 - Emerald Enchantress by goddesshuntress
My X Men 2.0 - Emerald Enchantress
Hope you like my OC's.

Emerald Enchantress - Magdelena "Magda" - Daughter of Vision and Scarlett Witch/Wanda Maximoff.

Emerald, as she prefers to be called, has pretty much the same powers as her Mother, she has Chaos manipulation and probability 'magic'. However, as her Father is Vision and she was conceived using chaos magic, she is also techno organic and has much higher capacity for knowledge and is basically of genius level intellect as she essentially has a processor for a brain. She is also able to phase through matter like her Father and has rapid healing abilities. Her twin younger brothers were kidnapped shortly after they were born when she was 6 and she continues to search for them on every mission the team goes on as do her parents.
My X Men 2.0 - Starbolt by goddesshuntress
My X Men 2.0 - Starbolt
Hope you like my OC's.

Starbolt - Scarlet Summers - Daughter of Cyclops/Scott Summers and Phoenix/Jean Grey.

Starbolt has a similar power to her Father and her Uncle, she can create optic blasts and 'starbolts' from her hands, though her bolts are green. (I was inspired by the character Starfire from the DC universe for Scarlet XP) She has greater control than her Father and due to the strength of her Mother's telepathy Starbolt has a second mutation of limited telepathy, though she has no where near her Mother or her Team-mate Ace's strength. Unlike her Father, she doesn't lead the X Men 2.0 Team 1, that responsibility goes to Aquamarine though she is Aqua's right hand, the two of them are practically inseperable and best friends from the time they could crawl, a contrast to the rivalry between their Fathers (Aquamarine is the daughter of Avalanche/Lance Alvers - going off the X Men Evolution continuity).
My X Men 2.0 - Siren by goddesshuntress
My X Men 2.0 - Siren
Hope you like my OC's.

Siren - Rhiannon Rivers. Rhiannon has no parents, at least that she knows of. Her Aunts, the Muses, the Greek Goddesses of the Arts, raised her but have never told her who her parents are though it is likely her Mother was Siren or Harpy and her Father was a mortal man. Rhiannon is not immortal however but she does possess a longer life thread than most people, due to her immortal lineage and has rapid healing abilities. Because of her mortal lifespan when she reached 40 years of age - though she only appeared 25 she left her island home where she had lived with her Aunt's and came to Man's world the first people a
she met were the X Men and she used her Siren's voice to help them win a battle they were loosing, she remained with them ever since. Because of her Aunt's she is very skilled in their areas of expertise - Epic Poetry, History, Comedy, Dance, Tragedy, Love Poetry, Sacred Poetry, Music and Astronomy. she also has godlike strength and due to her wings she can fly. growing up around the Muses and The Fates as well as other all knowing beings she has a very strong sixth sense and can often determine the outcome of a battle or predict a future event with incredible accuracy. Her most powerful tool however is her voice, hence her code name Siren. Depending on the pitch of her voice or the words she sings she can make anyone or anything do what she wants even inanimate objects as her voice has a magical note in it. Her voice is her greatest asset and her greatest curse which is why she rarely speaks, and the reason she relates so well to Ace, if she slips up with her voice for an instant she could do an untold amount of damage. She also has feelings for Ace but finds it difficult to understand them or communicate them to him. (think of her as kind of like Wonder Woman - she was my inspiration for this character)
Why do people NEVER comment on my deviantART uploads - are they really that bad?? :(


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